Welcome to Yggdrasil

Click to enlarge.Yggdrasil is a Minecraft Server with a taste of Nordic Mythology combined with a TARDIS / Dr. Who theme. Yggdrasil is the name of the world tree, the connecting the 9 worlds. Asgaard (Survival) is the first world. Explore Asgaard and find the way to Midgaard (Creative), Alfheim (aSkyBlock), Helheim (Nether) or Muspellheim (Plot world).



2016-07-17_17.09.59The Spawn where you start. In the Spawn you chose how you want to play and the go directly to that world/game. Yggdrasil, Survival, Creative, Mini games.

2015-11-19_09.26.53This is Aasgaard, where the goods live. You can’t build inside the walls of the castle Valhalla, but if you explore the area inside the valls you will find portals to other worlds like Midgaard, Alheim, Muspellheim and Helheim. while investigating the area, you will find gifts, shops, different challenges and mini games.

2016-07-17_17.04.11This is a TARDIS Police Box. When you have played 36 hours on this server you will be granted permission to build your own TARDIS and travel through time and space in Yggdrasil.

2015-11-19_09.22.472015-11-19_09.25.57Do you know about Bifrost in the old Nordic Mythology. Bifrost is a bridge between the worlds of the goods Asgaard and the humans world Midgaard. Bifrost is guarded by Heimdal and he will kill you if he catches you, so take care. Biforst should be easy to find as it glows even at night.