Guide to install Resource packs for Yggdrasil

On Yggdrasil we have selected different Resource Packs for different worlds, to get a real feeling of traveling in the Universe – both on distance and in Time. If you are in Asgard where the Asir (Gods) lives, the resource pack has an old Nordic/Adventure look, and when you are in a modern world, the resource pack is …. Modern and I you go to the Space it’s a “Science Fiction” Resource Pack. On top of that we have added Dr. Who / TARDIS Textures and Sounds. In some worlds you will therefor meet Mobs like you know them from Dr. Who. Daleks, Weeping Angels, Cybermen and much more.

Follow the guide to install Optifine, LiteLoader and basic resource pack.

Screenshots from Asgaard2016-07-17_17.16.11 2016-07-17_17.17.43 2016-07-17_17.18.36 2016-07-17_17.18.50 2016-07-17_17.18.40 2016-07-17_17.19.49.