The 9 Worlds in Yggdrasil

There are many different worlds in the Universe of

You can travel to the worlds by using Sign Portals / Portals / Water Portals. You find some portals in the Universe Spawn point.

World: The first world you meet and the Universe Spawn point is here. You start in survival mode, but are allowed to change game mode, whenever you like. Anything except griefing is allowed in this world. Use Worldguard to claim and protect your land / buildings.

Flat world: A flat creative world.

Survival world: A survival world. Cheating/WorldEdit/Creative is not in this world.

Sphere world: A world for spheres. Sphere world is survival world and a kind of mini game. The goal is to build bridges between the Spheres.

ASkyBlock world: Another mini game / survival world, where you get some challenges.

Old world: This is purely a survival world, mostly for private use. It is an old Minecraft 1.4 world.

Proworld: This is a creative world. Its an old Minecraft 1.6 world.


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  1. Hello, me and a friend just started 2 days ago. there were only us on the server and i got permabanned for spamming zzzzzzz while waiting for my friend. is there anyway i can get unbanned?

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