Resource packs on Yggdrasil for Minecraft 1.12

Guide on how to get and install the needed Resource Packs on Yggdrasil.

2016-07-17_17.19.49On Yggdrasil we have selected different Resource Packs for different worlds, to get a real feeling of traveling in the Universe – both on distance and in Time. If you are in Asgard where the Asir (Gods) lives, the resource pack has an old Nordic/Adventure look, and when you are in a modern world, the resource pack is …. Modern and I you go to the Space it’s a “Science Fiction” Resource Pack. On top of that we have added Dr. Who / TARDIS Textures and Sounds. In some worlds you will therefor meet Mobs like you know them from Dr. Who. Daleks, Weeping Angels, Cybermen and much more.

To get the full experience you will need:

  1. Optifine (Replacement of MCPatcher)
  2. LiteLoader (To be able to load the mods in (3+4)
  3. MAtoms (Sound Mod)
  4. Optional Mods: VoxelMap, WorldEditGUI, Keyboard Macro.
  5. Optional Shaders (If your computer a powerful)

1. Installation of Optifine

After having installed and used Minecraft 1.12 you must install Optifine as first thing. Optifine is an add on for the Minecraft client which gives you a lot of nice features. (Ex. nice clouds, fog, sun, moving parts, 3D graphic and moving parts.)

  1. Start minecraft.jar – and launch newest version 1.12 (NOTE: Windows users must use the minecraft.jar version or launcher.jar to start Minecraft. Minecraft.exe does not support mods. )
  2. Exit Minecraft
  3. Download newest version of Optifine from or get it directly here.
  4. When downloaded, run the jar one way or the other.OptiFine Installer_001
  5. Click InstallOptiFine Installer_001
  6. Start Minecraft and check that you got a new profile called “Optifine”Minecraft Launcher 1.6.61_003
  7. Exit Minecraft and then you are done.

2. Installing LiteLoader

  1. Exit Minecraft
  2. Download newest version for Minecraft 1.12 from or from here.
  3. Run the jar file one way or the other.LiteLoader Installer_004
  4. Select “Extend from: 1.12-Optifine_HD_C4”
  5. Enter a new profile name f.ex. “Optifine+LiteLoader”Complete_005
  6. Click OK and you are done.

OBS MAtmos is not updated for Minecraft 1.12 yet. 🙁

3. Installing MAtmos + MSI Sound Resource Pack

MAtmos enables Minecraft to play music and nice sound.

  1. Exit Minecraft
  2. Download newest version of MAtmos from or directly from here.
  3. Copy the downloaded file “MAtmos r33 for mc1.10.2.litemod” into “.minecraft/mods/”. Create the folder manually if it does not exist.
  4. Run the Minecraft Launcher and REMEMBER to choose the new profile “Optifine+LiteLoader” you created in step 2.5 and add check that the mod has been loaded. Minecraft 1.10.2_006
  5. Click at the little TAB to see the loaded mods.Minecraft 1.10.2_007
  6. Exit Minecraft
  7. Download MAtmos default Sound Resource Pack
  8. Download MSI_Conversion Sound Resource Pack
  9. Copy both zip files into “.minecraft/resourcepacks”
  10. Run Minecraft
  11. Click on “Options”Minecraft 1.10.2_008
  12. Click on Resource PacksMinecraft 1.10.2_009
  13. Select the two downloaded Resource PacksMinecraft 1.10.2_010
  14. Click “Done”

And then you are ready to play Minecraft on Yggdrasil. Enjoy the Resource packs and the fantastic sounds!