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I would like a discussion about a new plugin I have discovered DiceFurniture. The plugin is dependend on FurnitureLibrary and optional ProtectionLib and LightAPI. The dev has also made a homepage, where other players can upload their own furniture designs.

Its really amasing what this Developer has made. You can do stuff I didnt even think was possible on a Spigot Minecraft Server without Client Mods.

Also we can design out own furnitures using his plugin FurnitureMaker.


I would like your opinion, if we should install this and about how we should use it on in Yggdrasil?

This is what I have though about.

  1. We need some thing the players can use their money on, so my suggestion is that we make one or more shops, where the players can buy these furniture and place the items in their homes.
  2. The plugin can be used in two way. You can craft the Furnitures like all other minecraft items or you can give the players a spawn-egg, which when placed spawns the Furniture. I suggest that we setup so that the players can only buy the furniture spawn eggs in the shop.
  3. We need a place for the shop, I suggest that we change the “Space Platform” in the spawn til a “Shop Platform” maybe with a Glass roof, to make it a bit different from the other platforms.
  4. I would love if one off you could help me setting up the Shop, build the Shop in spawn and make it look nice.
  5. There a many ways you can allow the players to buy Spawn-Furniture-Eggs. The easiest way I can come up with is using the plugin “ServerSigns”.  Which allow you to run a command “/give spawn-egg….” and put a cost on this. You can also mange how often they are allowed to use the sign, and set a permission that they will need. Ex. higher rank can buy more types of furnitures?




2 thoughts on “New DiceFurniture Plugin”

  1. I like that plugin.

    It makes sense to give people something to spend their earnings on. I like “classic Minecraft” where players have to mine, craft, build, , farm, and kill mobs. The more we can encourage players to do this, the more enjoyable the server will be, in my opinion.

    In regards to the five points above:

    1) We should have a general talk about the monetary system but my ideas as something along the lines of:

    a. Limit what people can sell and buy. Very few items up for purchase; stuff like slime balls, the furniture above, steak, maybe a farming starter package with a stack of seeds, carrots, potatoes, etc. Possible possible to purchase diamonds so we don’t exhaust the underground of the different worlds.

    b. Limit what people can sell. I would suggest mob drops (to encourage mob hunting), and items that can be crafted/produced from renewable items. That means bread, cake, books, cooked fish, cookies, beetroot soup, mushroom soup, etc. Maybe more exotic items as well – but only stuff that can be made by renewable resources ( All of this will encourage people to farm, fish, mine, kill mobs, etc.

    2) Spawn eggs works fine with me.

    3) Space platform is just wasted space (pun intended) so it makes good sense to build a shop here. It’s central.

    4) I would like to help but we have to agree one 1) first.

    5) It does make sense to only let higher ranks buy more fancy furniture spawn eggs but it’s also somewhat hard to rank the furniture. Should a TV cost more than a street light? If we are able to put a sensible cost on each furniture item, we could just make some categories where lowest rank can’t buy anything, next rank can buy stuff up to 1000 coins, next rank up to 2000 coins, etc. To keep it relatively simple.


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