Minecraft User Roles

There is 5 different user roles in the Universe of Lindegaard.tk:

Default role: This is the role you get first time you visit the server. You are not allowed to build in any world and you can only visit some of the worlds, until you are promoted by Admin or one of the Moderators. You can contact the admin email on rocologo@hotmail.com to get access.

User role: This is the role for new users. You are allow to build in all worlds and have access to all basic commands.

Builder role: This role is for more advanced and trusted users. Besides the permissions for the normal user role, you are also allowed to use WorldEdit commands.

Moderator role: The moderator is allowed almost everything. The moderator can ban griefers and users who behave badly.

Admin role: Admins are allowed to everything. Including:

  • Install, configure and uninstall plugins.
  • Start, Stop and Restart the server.

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